Is Investment Banking Really Just a Horror Story?

Wall Street is a punishing world. Many of the most successful executives in the Wall Street world have asked the question, is it worth it? Geoff Blades has asked this same question numerous times, and he has managed to find the answer. His response? Sort of.

Wall Street is a vivacious and demanding world. It requires decades of dedication, and one single mistake could derail an entire career and throw even the savviest business man or woman right off the bus. Some say it is cut-throat, and that is hardly an exaggeration.

Geoff Blades had a man approach him a few weeks ago, and he told me the story firsthand. The man heard of Geoff and his Wall Street Teach program. He said, I want to leave goldman sachs because I hate investment banking. He hates investment banking? Geoff replied. ‘What do you hate about it?” It came down to the same problem that many investment bankers have. They hate the environment, the people, the red tape, and the overall constant emotional exhaustion.

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The Trap of the Formula

Investment banking should not be a trap. One of the largest stereotypes against the field is that it is all about money and power. This is far from the truth. Geoff Blades teaches executives, aspiring bankers, and anyone directly or indirectly involved in the field that there is more than running reports and firing amateurs that made one too many mistakes. The field is vast. Running up the ladder is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are options besides the ladder. There is an elevator awaiting liftoff. It is waiting for one more passenger.

What it Means To Quit Investment Banking

Bankers that quit the field must have an answer to what they are going to do instead. Many quit, and realize that they are left up the creek without a paddle. They lack a game plan, and the exhausting reality of investment banking pushes them out. Yes, it is true. Wall Street Teach shows you how to quit investment banking? But, the program teaches you how to quit the right way. It teaches you how to quit investment banking without being lost. Most importantly, it teaches you how to carry as much as possible of what you learned into the new career path. If you hate investment banking and the lifestyle then go here for help. He knows how to do it, and he knows how to do it right.